400B in 34C

An Elite Dangerous Commander's Log

The 400B in 34C

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Fuel scooping from a binary star system. Decisions, decisions

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[-------Begin Transmission------] sender: blp@scarce-ent-ltd.dublin.gateway.kyklos.galaxias
reply-to: cmdr@bowlofpetunias.space
to: clog_blp@scarce-ent-ltd.dublin.gateway.kyklos.galaxias
date: 22 Feb 3302, 16:45 Hrs UTC
decrypt: cipher-enabled
filter: minus

With some trepidation I depart Dobrovolskiy City in the Ross 835 system for parts unknown near the galactic core. The time has come to venture beyond the 5k ly “safety net” of my previous expeditions and put faith in the new loadout of my trusty ASP explorer, the Deep Space Survey Vehicle Marvin III.

Waypoint: M7 SECTOR GM-V D2-15
Jump #: 49
[-------End Transmission------]